The Peel Centre Charitable Trust, (the "Trust") a registered charity, was formed in 1993 to accept a generous gift of this well-known and prominent town centre building from Dronfield Free Church Trustees. It is situated on the High Street by the monument to Sir Robert Peel whose prominent role in the repeal of the corn laws contributed so much to the prosperity of Dronfield.

The late Canon Derek Palmer provided the drive and inspiration needed to move on with a £150,000+ refurbishment project. Then Rector of Dronfield and a Rotarian, he engaged many other local professionals who voluntarily provided expertise in finance, planning, building and management.

The inside was completely re-planned to provide two large halls and several smaller meeting rooms. Each room takes the name of Dronfield citizens who have made a major contribution to the development and welfare of the town and its people ­ Edward Lucas, Thomas Taylor, John Rotherham and Dr Fletcher.

An appeal was launched for funds and substantial amounts were provided by generous individuals and organisations including:-

  • The James Slinn Memorial Fund

  • MFH Fund

Photo Credit: Mike Firth, of Heron Publications

The assets and liabilities of the Trust were transferred to the Peel Centre Charitable Trust (CIO) (the "CIO") in 2019. The objectives of the CIO are similar to the Trust and are contained in its Constitution.

The Trust Deed and the CIO's constitution stipulates that the centre shall be available for use without prejudice to all citizens irrespective of origin, creed or political persuasion.

Members of the CIO oversee the running of the centre and Paperclip Admin Ltd administers the bookings.